Judge gets update on Michael Vick bankruptcy plan


Michael Vick, rightfully imprisoned and suspended from the NFL for bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy is again in the news. Story here.

Dog lovers–and those like me who particularly love Pit Bulls–the breed Michael Vick was exploiting in his horrific operation, were overjoyed!  But not just with his arrest, conviction, imprisonment and suspension, but because his case resulted in landmark decisions on behalf of Pit Bulls everywhere, namely that Vick be forced to PAY for the evaluation and care of each of the 66 dogs (53 pit bulls) seized in the raid so that they could be saved and adopted, rather than follow the whims of PETA and the USHS (supposedly working on behalf of animal welfare but that is now seriously questionable) to have the dogs destroyed!  Read background story here.

According to Bad Rap’s Vick timeline on Nov 20, 2007 the U. S. District Court ordered Michael Vick to pay $928,073.00 as “restitution” for expenses incurred in caring for “the victim pit bulls.”   VICKTIMS!

Apparently Vick is having a difficult time coming up with an acceptable payment plan for all debts incurred after his arrest and prosecution, which are being handled under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Poor Vick wants to hang onto two houses he owns and still has plans to move into a $2 million house he’s having built in Virginia, upon his release from prison!

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank Santoro “rejected Vick’s first plan earlier this month and ordered a more realistic one. He said Vick should liquidate some of his vehicles and one or both of the expensive homes Vick wanted to keep in Virginia—one for his motherVick Bankruptcy, and one for himself, his fiance and their children.”

Kudos to Santoro.  Michael Vick is a heartless criminal who may never be allowed to return to the NFL.  There’s no doubt he still has assets.  Let him pay his dues like everyone else.  Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.

What kind of monster is Michael Vick?  Read here.

And here’s a great site with some awesome footage of the whole Vick Dog story!


Constantly recurring murders in Egypt

The dictionary defines murder as “to kill intentionally and with premeditation”.  Does it make any difference if the dead are animals, rather than humans?  I dont think so.  Murder is murder.

Do we have the right to end a life–any life–when there are other solutions available to us?  Like ABC (animal birth control) programs that can be put in place to preserve life, rather than allowing the indiscriminate slaughter of God’s helpless creatures.

I found these pictures on ESMA’s website.  You can read about these dogs here (scroll down to “Our Story and Motivation”).  I have a serious problem with “animal control” in Egypt.  I wonder what kind of person can make a career out of shooting (dont forget the ‘one dog, one bullet’ program) or poisoning dogs?  What kind of a mind, a heart,  a soul can do this work?  Who are the real “animals” here???


Animal Welfare Awareness Research group in Egypt

697675Today I had the honor of joining the “Animal Welfare Awareness Research” e-group in Egypt.  I see some familiar names there–wonderful people who are well-known and seriously devoted to working to better the lives of the thousands of unfortunate animals here.  These people are from all walks of life–from government officials to the average Mo.  This is the first e-group I have found here on this topic–there may be more–and I will look.  But I am really impressed by the hard work, devotion and suberb organization I see so far.  I already made contact with Mona Khalil, the founder of ESMA.  I’d been planning to visit her rescue for some time, but since she told me today she’s got two great Pits there, you can bet I’m gonna haul it over there ASAP.  ESMA does not adopt Pits out to anyone in Egypt, because of the dog-fighting issues here.  A wise choice.  But I wonder if she might let me have one hmmmmmm?  😉

I also found out a new clinic is now being readied in Alexandria, called AAE–ANIMAL AID EGYPT!  As soon as I have more info I will place a link!  Always great news when a clinic opens in a city outside of Cairo.

I wanted to post this info about AWAR because e-groups are a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and work to get things done!  I will create a special link list for any e-groups I find on animals in Egypt.

Meantime, please consider donating to our cause.  Thanks for your support!

Legislature Related to Animals in Egyptian Law

First: The Penal Code # 58/1937

Article 355 stipulates that:

Individuals guilty of the following are punished by penal servitude:

“First: Willfully killing without purport a riding animal, a carrying beast, a towing beast or any other type of livestock or extensively harming any of them.”

“Second: Poisoning any of the abovementioned animals or any kind of fish found in rivers, canals, swamps or ponds, would put the individual under police observation for a period of no less than one year and no more than two years.”

“Any individual attempting to commit any of the abovementioned crimes at night will be sentenced to penal servitude for a period of no more than 1 year, or will pay a fine that will not exceed 200 LE.”

Article 357 stipulates that:

“Any individual who willfully kills or poisons without purport a tame animal not mentioned in Article 355 or does it any major harm shall be punished by a jail sentence that does not exceed 6 months or by a fine that will not exceed 200 LE”

Second: Environmental Law # 4/1994

The Environmental Law did not pay much attention to animals except in Article 28 but even in this Article it was not adapted to the Penal Code. The Penal Code strongly

penalizes killing or harming animals with a somewhat stern penalty, while the Environmental Law focused on specific kinds of wild birds and animals threatened with extinction, and regulated the issue of hunting and the issuance of hunting licenses, as hunting is not totally incriminated by the Law in regions where it is permitted.

Article 28 of Environmental Law

“It is totally forbidden to hunt, kill or capture wild birds and animals defined in the Law Executive Regulations, it is also forbidden to own such birds and animals, to walk about with them, sell them or display them for sale dead or alive.”

“It is forbidden to damage the nests of the mentioned birds or to destroy their eggs.”

“The Law Executive Regulations define the regions where this Law is applied and list the conditions needed to secure a hunting license in those regions, as well as the administrative authorities responsible for the implementation of this Article.”

Article 84 of the same Law stipulates under Penalties:

“All who violate Article 28 of this Law will pay a fine of no less than 200 LE and no more than 5000 LE, and will have the impounded birds and animals confiscated from them as well as the tools and utensils used to commit the violations.”

Third : Agricultural Law #53 / 1966 stipulates:

“It is forbidden to shoot, kill or capture in any manner birds, useful to agriculture, and wild animals, it is also forbidden to own, transport, walk with, sell and display them dead or alive.”

“It is forbidden to destroy the nests of the abovementioned birds or to kill them.”

“The Minister of Agriculture will issue a decree defining the type of birds and wild animals as well as the regions to which the rules of this Article apply, the decree will

also define the conditions needed to obtain a license to exceptionally hunt those birds and wild animals for scientific reasons or for tourism.”

The Agricultural Law did not stipulate any protection for animals except in the above mentioned Article, the Article only forbids hunting birds and wild animals, other Articles in the Law regulate the slaughter of male livestock to preserve animal assets, which is in no way related to compassion and mercy, therefore the Law does not contain any Articles for the protection of animals per say. The main purpose of this Law was to ban hunting certain species of animals and birds in specific regions to protect them from extinction, and the legislator was not right when he gave the Minister of Agriculture the authority to grant exceptional hunting licenses for scientific purposes and for tourism, which opens the door wide for exceptions that soon become the rule, while they should remain as exceptions.

A glimmer of hope…

Typical Egyptian balady* dogs...none finer!

Typical Egyptian balady* dogs...none finer!

Any good news about animal activism in Egypt is actually great news!  While looking around Best Friends Egypt, I found a link to this story!  Woohoo, I am one happy puppy!  It seems that finally the concerns of animal lovers in Egypt are being addressed by presidential decree, not to mention conferences on the subject.  The more I read stories like this, the more hopeful I become that together we can all make a difference.  Please wont you join me?  See the “How You Can Help” tab above.

*balady:  country, countrified, from the farm areas