Judge gets update on Michael Vick bankruptcy plan


Michael Vick, rightfully imprisoned and suspended from the NFL for bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy is again in the news. Story here.

Dog lovers–and those like me who particularly love Pit Bulls–the breed Michael Vick was exploiting in his horrific operation, were overjoyed!  But not just with his arrest, conviction, imprisonment and suspension, but because his case resulted in landmark decisions on behalf of Pit Bulls everywhere, namely that Vick be forced to PAY for the evaluation and care of each of the 66 dogs (53 pit bulls) seized in the raid so that they could be saved and adopted, rather than follow the whims of PETA and the USHS (supposedly working on behalf of animal welfare but that is now seriously questionable) to have the dogs destroyed!  Read background story here.

According to Bad Rap’s Vick timeline on Nov 20, 2007 the U. S. District Court ordered Michael Vick to pay $928,073.00 as “restitution” for expenses incurred in caring for “the victim pit bulls.”   VICKTIMS!

Apparently Vick is having a difficult time coming up with an acceptable payment plan for all debts incurred after his arrest and prosecution, which are being handled under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Poor Vick wants to hang onto two houses he owns and still has plans to move into a $2 million house he’s having built in Virginia, upon his release from prison!

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank Santoro “rejected Vick’s first plan earlier this month and ordered a more realistic one. He said Vick should liquidate some of his vehicles and one or both of the expensive homes Vick wanted to keep in Virginia—one for his motherVick Bankruptcy, and one for himself, his fiance and their children.”

Kudos to Santoro.  Michael Vick is a heartless criminal who may never be allowed to return to the NFL.  There’s no doubt he still has assets.  Let him pay his dues like everyone else.  Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.

What kind of monster is Michael Vick?  Read here.

And here’s a great site with some awesome footage of the whole Vick Dog story!


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