BAD VET ALERT…Pet Care Clinic, Vet Dr Amir Mikhail, Maadi Cairo Egypt

This is the second horrible report I have gotten on this vet.  I know two women who have taken their pets to this vet for surgery, one a spay and the other an operation on a rabbit.  In both cases the animals came very close to death and the only thing that saved them was the owners taking them to another vet.  So please, if you need a vet in Cairo, there are some great ones…like Dr. Rania in Maadi and 6 October (010-900-8736) and Dr. Maher in Sheikh Zayd, close to 6 October (010-697-5597 ).  Please beware…not all vets in Egypt are competent.


One Response

  1. I have to mention that Dr. Amir Mikhail is a great vet and has helped our animals for several years. it is very common for some pets to have some complications after surgery. I have several street cats and Dr Amir operated tens of my cats and not one complication was found. we are very much satisfied with Amir.

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