Camel Kiss

Camel Kiss

I was born and raised in the USA, but as luck would have it I married my very own Egyptian pharaoh and had the privilege of visiting Egypt many times after our 3 children were born.  In 2008, widowed and with all the kids married and off on their own, I decided it was time for me to follow my dreams.  And so I returned to live permanently in Egypt.

One of the features of our many trips here was trying–in our own small way–to stop the abuse of animals, particularly service animals.  If only with a piece of fruit, a pat on the head and a stern warning to the animals’ owners, we tried to better the lives of any animals we encountered.  In the USA, I thought long and hard about how I might support animal compassion in Egypt.  Over the years I was pleased to see an increase here in the number of persons–and shelters–dedicated to the same cause.

I first lived in a tiny Delta town where there were no real services for pets or working animals.  It became my dream to open a clinic/rescue there.  I was particularly interested in the huge feral cat population and hoped to begin a CSR (catch/sterilize/return) program. But again fate intervened and I found myself remarried and living in Cairo.

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering here in the big city, and unfortunately now that more people are going against tradition and actually keeping dogs as pets, there is also an increase in the number of neglect and abuse cases.  Purebred dogs such as the Pitbull in particular are being imported and bred, and my worst fears have been confirmed–they are being raised to fight! As such I expect to see these wonderful dogs experience the same bad rap they do in the USA, and many will soon be looking for a new home.  After having been a loving Mommy to Kenya, I cant sit still and bear this happening.

I have not given up the dream of opening a Pitbull rescue here (Kenya’s Haven), as I am sure soon the need for this will become overwhelming!  But right now the best work I can do is advocacy on behalf of all animals and shelters here in Cairo.

As always in this business–money is tight.  So I am creating this website not only to inform and assist Egyptians and expats with any questions or concerns they may have about animals in Egypt, but also to raise funds for all shelters.  Soon products will be available for purchase.

This website was also created for animal owners in need of various services such as vets and kennels available here.

If any readers know of any pertinent links to add, please send an email to karen_and_kenya@yahoo.com or leave it in a comment.  Likewise, if you you are willing to donate time and money towards this cause, please contact me.  Thanks!


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