Help Us!

Please help us to save a life!

Please help us to save a life!

Karen & Kenya© are ready to announce the opening of “Kenya’s Kitchen©”, where we will be offering homemade, high-quality dog biscuits, training treats, custom birthday cakes and pre-cooked, vet-approved doggie dinners for sale.  Orders are readied for pickup within 48 hours, and delivery anywhere in Egypt is available for an additional charge. Please click here for more information.

BUT…regardless of where you are in the world, you can help!

When we originally began this blog, it was our intention to create a rescue shelter devoted solely to Pitbulls.  For the time being, and given the fact that there are such wonderful rescues here dedicated to all animals, that plan has changed.

We will gladly accept financial contributions, in addition to donations of materials needed to support the rescues/shelters here, such as blankets, bowls, medical and cleaning supplies, crates, leashes and collars, etc.  All will be divided among the shelters here, unless the donor indicates a preference.

We are working hard, making and selling various items of interest to dog owners here in Egypt to raise money for this effort. Because…while donations are wonderful–and desperately needed–we also  feel the need to depend on ourselves as much as possible.

If you live in Egypt or are planning a visit, and want to donate your time, we can use that too!  We have loads of paperwork to do–advertising our site (which soon should have its own URL, rather than being a wordpress blog), activism, and visiting kennels, vets, etc that need to be reviewed for their competence.  And we need folks who would enjoy spending some time at the already existing shelters here just cuddling with the animals.  Trainers or those with animal expertise are especially welcome to lend a hand too!


Contact us at:


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