American Veterinary Center, Zamalik, Cairo

I admit I was really excited to find this clinic in Cairo.  As a pet owner/lover, it’s very comforting to find a vet you feel you can trust.  I was particularly happy that the doctor had a practice in Queens,  New York for many years.  Thus I thought I would find things done in a orderly, western fashion, because God knows chaos abounds here in Cairo.  I had also made contact with the owner via Facebook and we added each other as friends.  When I messaged him he was very nice and told me to call the office for an appointment.  Which I did…5 times!!!  And never got an appointment!

The first time I called, it was clear the girl who answered spoke little English, so I spoke Arabic.  She was ready to give me and appointment, but not able to satisfactorily answer my questions.  Rather than allowing me to tell her what I wanted, she told me what services I would get, and some of the prices, which were shockingly high.  She was either unwilling or unable to answer why my dog needed a certain set of expensive blood tests.  There also seemed to be a conflict with my bringing my dog to see the owner-vet who was on early, and her being groomed which was done by another vet later in the day.  I explained that I had to hire a driver and it was very costly to come twice in one day to take care of all my dog’s needs.  I told her I would call back, which I did a week later.  I spoke with 2 vets, both who promised to call me back and never did to schedule an appointment.  Each time I spoke with them, I felt like I was begging to be served.  On my last call I finally scheduled an appointment with the vet that did the grooming for a Thursday evening.  A while later I got a call from him telling me the clinic was closing early the day I had scheduled so I would have to come in earlier.  I declined the offer, contacted the owner-vet via mail on Facebook, and complained.

He replied, thanking me, saying he would look into it, and deleted me as a friend on FB.  Never heard another word.  Certainly not what I was expecting.  What I actually was expecting was for the vet-owner to ask me more about what happened and offer to arrange an appointment himself.  As happens far too often here, business owners don’t feel their customers are important enough to please.  My advice…if you get a bad vibe from any business, don’t use it!!!  That is especially prudent if the business involves human or animal health.  If you don’t feel things are well organized from the start, look elsewhere.  Life might depend on it.


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